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Our company’s primary mission includes: 
The introduction and distribution of Armenian products to foreign markets with the application of the technologies and innovations of the leading European companies. 
The geographic expansion of the label Made in Armenia.
The increase of the recognizeability of Armenian products, leading to greater awareness of Armenia in general. 
The establishment of additional workplaces (especially in border regions )
We plan to expand our product range year by year, without forgetting to pay attention to the development of our primary and most important product, the Armenian mountain honey. The principal factors of our organizational culture are the consistent, systematic, timely implementation of production processes, the maintenance of the highest product quality possible and a great responsibility towards the society. The key to our success is the presence of well-educated, hard-working employees. We pay great attention to the education of our employees, their acquisition of professional, specialist skills and the organization of regular training sessions. We will also organize visits by foreign experts, seminars and consultations on a constant basis. 

Did you know?

About Apples

About Apples

The Armenian word for apple “Խնձոր” was borrowed from Hurrian language (“hinzuri”). It is believedthat in Hurrian lunar-solar calendar, the month “hinzuri” was related to time for the collection of apples and gardening.